Comapgnie Groupe Newtown


Founded in 2017 as Main d'œuvre construction Newtown, our company first specialized in labour leasing for construction entrepreneurs. In 2020, backed by our strong business operations, we expanded our range of services to meet the market’s growing and diversified demands for labour leasing and staff recruitment. Today, in 2021, all our business activities are now grouped under one banner: Groupe Newtown.

In addition to our construction and manufacturing labour leasing services, Groupe Newtown also offers recruitment services for security and skilled workers.

Our labour leasing and recruitment services provide our business clients with a competent workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge required to fulfill any tasks they are assigned. Plus, we offer complementary services that simplify business operations, such as payroll and remittance management.

Groupe Newtown: a partner with unmatched service

Thanks to our skilled workers, knowledge of our business markets, and our dedicated and professional customer service, Groupe Newtown is a company of choice for the recruitment and temporary staffing of workers with all types of backgrounds.

Mission Groupe Newtown

Our Mission

To help companies in the manufacturing, institutional and construction sectors meet their skilled labour needs by providing competent employees and complementary services that simplify their operations.

Vision du Groupe Newtown

Our Vision

Groupe Newtown aspires to help as many companies as possible in Quebec and beyond by developing a wide range of services while maintaining their solid foundation in the recruitment and management of skilled, available, and motivated workers. All this, in order to become the best asset for their current and future partners.

Les valeurs de groupe newtown

Our Values

The following values are priorities at Groupe Newtown:

  • Rigour

    At Groupe Newtown, we do everything we can to earn and maintain the trust of our clients and partners. To do so, we ensure that honesty, transparency, and expertise are at the core of all our operations.

  • Passion

    Passion drives us to surpass ourselves and remain on the lookout for new challenges.

  • Pride

    Pride allows us to cultivate a sense of belonging and loyalty among our employees, and to boost individual and team productivity.

  • Devotion

    Our managers and employees are invested in their work, and each of them personally contributes to the development and improvement of the company.

  • Respect

    Respect is at the core of our human resources company culture. Whether that’s with our partners, clients, or employees, respect is spread throughout all our interpersonal relationships through different means including overall attitude, courtesy, consideration for others, active listening, and punctuality.

For any questions about our services or for your immediate labor needs, do not hesitate to contact us :

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